Guide for Authors

 (word) یا (pdf) Authorship Form

 (word) یا (pdf) Form of conflict of interest

 (word) یا (pdf) Form of Copyright agreement

1-Each article should be the result of the author (s) research and in line with the priorities of the quarterly and the topics developed, and should have originality and innovation and the result of a research work.


2- The quarterly will not affect the articles published in other domestic journals or conferences and will stop the judging and printing process at any stage, whether receiving, judging or publishing, if it is aware of this. And I will not accept an article after the author (s).


3-- The writings of the article should be fluent and equal to the Persian grammar and in choosing the words, and if using Latin words, the Persian equivalent should be given in footnotes on the same page.


4- The article should be typed in Word 2007 software or higher in a single column according to the quarterly format. The article will be prepared for publication by the editors.


5- Persian words should be typed with B Nazanin font and English words with Times New Romans font.


6- All main and sub-headlines should be in bold 12 font size. The text of the article should be in all parts, sources and references, size 12. The title of the tables and figures should be size 11 bold and the text of all tables should be size 11. All English texts and writings should be in text with size 10 and English title with size 14.


7- All figures, photos and diagrams should be placed in JPEG format and with good quality inside the main file of the article and should be presented separately if needed and requested by the executive director.


8- Color shapes, maps and diagrams will be in color in the electronic version and in black and white in the printed version.